Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade
meat slicer

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Stays sharper longer,stays longer life

Thanks to Chromium-plated coating & high temperature treatment process, the Carbon Steel blade of BESWOOD can stay sharper longer and add protection against corrosion. BESWOOD slicer machine don't need to be sharpen very frequently.


Powerful & Quiet motor

A powerful 1 speed, totally enclosed blade motor, this BESWOOD manual gravity feed slicer is perfect for commercial user or home user that requires meat & cheese  everyday!


Easy adjustment system & 2 stone sharpener

An Easy adjustment system allows you to produce slices ranging from paper thin to thicker cuts, and this BESWOOD slicer also comes with a convenient built-in two stone sharpener to ensure you always keep a razor sharp edge on your blade.


Safety features

Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch 24V to avoid power shock for best protection. US country safety standard approved: ETL, NSF, FDA


Bring more convenience to your life

Slicing meat, cheese, bread, veggies, ham, fruit precisely and effiecently money safe and bring more convenience to your life.


Premium Quality with affordable price

With so many apparent advantages, BESWOOD slicer offers an reasonable & affordable price. Enjoy the BESWOOD slicing from today!