About us

Beswood Pty Ltd is an Australia local company and is dedicated to professional kitchenware to commercial industry. We have our own factory which is also partner of many famous commercial kitchenware from European countries for many years.

Today, we bring our own brand Beswood meat slicer to the market. Beswood is the economic model but with luxury food slicer experience. Thanks to Chromium-plated coating Carbon steel & high temperature treatment process, Beswood is able to turn the meat into more fresh, more texture, more original taste. 

Beswood manual gravity feed slicer features Italian chromium-plated, carbon steel blade and built-in two stone sharpener, which are all top grade of components.

Use friendly and reliability  commits the 30 degree holding dock giving users more flexibility while product feeding, also creating more consistent and uniform slices with less waste. Beswood slicer machine delivers wide range of food service including handling meats, cheeses and bread as well.

Given easy maintenance on spot,  Beswood slicer is easy to clean and disassembles quickly without any tool. The compact space-saving design is not only saving your kitchen space, but also lighting up your kitchen decoration with elegant color options.

Enjoy the high-tech revolution for this amazing Beswood food slicer. A economic model for luxury food slicing experience.